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Real Kristin

My name is Kristin Garček, I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia where I also live. I have finished my musical high school as a singer, following study at State Conservatory in Bratislava, specialization opera singing. At the same I have graduated the Comenius University in Bratislava successfully, section Music education, main subject Piano, and English language and literature.

I have graduated seven plus four years at elementary music school during my studies, playing piano and singing at Základná škola Hálkova in Bratislava. I have done also three years of playing drums there.

I have visited dance classes from my early ages too. I have experience with almost every dance style – folk, standard, classical, jazz till tap dance, with whom I succeeded at Slovak championship in duets.


2011 – present

I work as Manager in IT corporation.

However currently Im fully dedicated to the course of my lovely family of five during maternity leave with my two years old daughter and besides that Im working on my solo activities in music.

Chick2Chick trio project:

2015 – present

Bewitched by jazz I always dreamed about my own project so I called my long time close friends one day, colleagues from music industry, Kristína Smetanová and Zuzana Hollá and we founded Chick2Chick trio with whom we perform until today on our own concerts as well as on company or privat events.

We play our own songs and also covers of well known hits in our original arrangements in different styles as swing, soul, latina based on using our three voices.

Concert activities:

2016 – present

I do backing vocals on concerts of famous Slovak singer Mária Čírová.

2016 – 2022

I was one of three backing vocals accompanying solists together with the band of Michal Bugala (famous Slovak drummer) on various concerts – e.g. on annual mega concert of the song contest Bratislavská Lýra called „Mám rozprávkový dom“ (2016), as well as on birthday concerts of different famous Slovak musicians as Janko Lehotský „Janko Lehotský 70“ (2017), Ľuboš Zeman „Chlapčenský úsmev“ (2019), and Ján Baláž „Klasika... alebo 40 rokov s Elánom“ (2022).

Musical / Theater activities:

2019 – present

With Ch2Ch trio, I perform in theater Red Cat Cabaret in Bratislava in the work of art called „The Cotton Club“.

2015 – 2017

I was part of off-stage choir in theater Nová Scéna in Bratislava where I performed in musicals – „Cats“ and „IAGO“.

TV projects:

2009 - 2022

Continuously I have performed backing vocals in some famous TV projects as  Chart Show, Lets dance 3 and Lets dance 6 on TV Markíza, Legendy popu on RTVS 1, in Modré z neba on TV Markíza, or V siedmom nebi on TV JOJ.

Choral activities:

During my studies I became one of first members of Bratislava gospel group called The Hope Gospel Singers with whom I performed for 15 years. Except of our own solo concerts, we have participated on several profects – on rock opera called Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, Oratorio of Cyril and Metod, also on Proglas from the workshop of Horňák - Hevier, we performed also on beneficial concert for Haiti, Miss 2010, Slovenka roka 2016, etc.

I have had some cooperations with the choir Chorus Alea under the leadership of Slovak conductor Branislav Kostka.

Dabing / Studio activities:

2010 – 2016

I had cooperation with Creative music house studio when recording slovak dabing to songs of Disney fairy tales – Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Frozen – birthday party and Vaiana.

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